Memorial gallery Ivan Meštrović

It is a little known detail that the great sculptor Ivan Meštrović, whom we usually associate with the karst of Dalmatian Zagora, was actually born in our county.

The memorial gallery was opened in 1972, in Vrpolje,  the birthplace of one of the most outstanding Croatian artists of the first half of the 20th century, Ivan Meštrović (Vrpolje, August 15, 1883 – South Bend, Indiana, USA, January 16, 1962). plaster and bronze, created in the period 1904 – 1946. Some of the works are from the funds of Atelier Meštrović (12) and the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (2) and have been exhibited in the memorial gallery in Vrpol since its opening.

Works presented in the Memorial Gallery together with Meštrović’s works in the parish church of St. Ivan the Baptist and the “Ivan Meštrović” Primary School in Vrpolje form a valuable collection of works by this artist in Slavonia.


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