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The Explore Croatia mobile application is designed to make your Croatian adventure filled with fun, unforgettable experiences and unearthly natural beauty.

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Explore the Brod-Posavina County through a virtual walk in full 360 degrees.

Virtual Walk

Vision One

“Vision One” is a smart travel guide through which you get all the information you need for a trip, whether you are just planning it or already in the desired location.

Through “Vision One” you can easily find the various tourist attractions of continental Croatia in one place. Within the application are available descriptive texts, images, video materials, a calendar and an interactive map through which you can activate navigation to the desired destination.

Using the advanced search by categories, interests and geolocation, discover the hidden beauties of Croatia.

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Brod-Posavina County is located in eastern Croatia, in the region of Slavonia and Baranja. It is located at the foot of the Psunj mountain and the Diljsko gorje, in the lowlands next to the Sava river. It is precisely this position, along with a large number of low-traffic roads, that enables it to have an exceptional cycling tourism potential. Also, this is the end of rich history, tradition, cultural heritage and numerous natural beauties.

For all the above reasons, our goal is for the Brod-Posavina County to be the leading Slavonian county in the field of cycle tourism.

The area is divided into three areas: the western (Nova Gradiška), central (Slavonski Brod west) and eastern (Slavonski Brod east) parts. Choose the area where you drive and enjoy the routes that contain hilly, plain and lowland sections.

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Bikademy is an innovative cycle tourism product that rewards people for cycling. It is intended for all cycling enthusiasts and researchers of natural and cultural heritage, i.e. all those for whom a bicycle is a preferred means of transport. It is used by local residents as well as tourists who are in the area at some point. Also, it is free for all end users.

In addition to the website, Bikademy is accompanied by a free mobile application, and everyone who registers becomes a Bikademy Student.

In this way, Bikademy becomes an added value in the cycle tourism offer, not only to TZ, but to all stakeholders in tourism who can use it as part of their offer.

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