vision one

What is vision one?

“Vision One” is a smart travel guide through which you get all the information you need for a trip, whether you are just planning it or already in the desired location.

Through “Vision One” you can easily find the various tourist attractions of continental Croatia in one place. Within the application are available descriptive texts, images, video materials, a calendar and an interactive map through which you can activate navigation to the desired destination.

Using the advanced search by categories, interests and geolocation, discover the hidden beauties of Lijepa naše.

Search categories

• Accommodation (hotels, hostels, apartments, camp, private accommodation…)
• Gastronomy offer (restaurants, local autochthonous food, pizzerias, agrotourism…)
• Cultural heritage (castles, museums, fortresses, monasteries, churches, monuments…)
• Natural beauty (national parks, nature parks, lakes, picnic areas…)
• Entertainment facilities (concerts, theaters, museums…)
• Events (festivals, anniversaries, open and closed events…)
• Cycling routes – interactive routes with points of interest

Download “Vision One” via the following services:

Vision One
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