Adrenalin forest Bebrina

Adrenalinski parkr 1

The Adrenalinska šuma project is a new active tourist attraction in the area of ​​the municipality of Bebrina, which, due to its capacity, simultaneously contributes to regional tourism development. The […]

Eco – ethno village Stara Kapela

hero stara kapela

Away from the main roads and cities, in areas that are still adorned with a preserved environment, and man lives in harmony with nature, ethno-villages began to emerge. Stara Kapela, […]

Village estate Salaš

hero salas

Farmhouse Salaš has 8 double rooms with private bathroom, air conditioning and TV. They are categorized with 3 and 4 suns. The service includes: Overnight stay with Slavonian breakfast Use […]

Villa Čop

op header

For all those who want a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and a place where they can enjoy seclusion and privacy, while not wanting to give […]

Estate Paljevine

hero paljevine

In the hilly part of Sibinj municipality, on the Jezerac plateau of Dilj, lies Paljevine.The estate of Paljevina exudes the atmosphere of some ancient times, in which every house had […]

House of grandpa Tunja

hero didaTunja

In the Oprisavci village, about 20 kilometers east of Slavonski Brod, the large eating establishment “Grandpa Tunja’s house” is settled. It is an old Slavonian house with a barn which […]

Village estate Opođe

hero opodje

This family homestead is settled in Cernik, at the southern brows of Psunj and the western slopes of the Požega mountain, as a part of a 40 hectares large orchard. […]

Estate Kereković

hero kerekovic

The tourist family homestead Kereković was opened three years ago, as the first tourist family destination in the Brod Postavina County, in the Živike village, in the vivid Slavonian countryside. […]

Eco ethno Salaš Savus

savus hero

In the eastern part of Slavonski Brod, just 5km from the Savus hotel, in Bukovlje, at the slopes of the beautiful Dilj mountain, Brod’s first grange, Eco-ethno Grange Savus, is […]

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