Eco – ethno village Stara Kapela

Away from the main roads and cities, in areas that are still adorned with a preserved environment, and man lives in harmony with nature, ethno-villages began to emerge. Stara Kapela, located in the heart of Brod-Posavina County, in a small valley between the gentle hills is a special pearl of rural tourism.

In the evening you are lulled to sleep by silence … and peace … In the morning you are awakened through the window by the singing of birds and the crowing of a rooster. Not the trumpet of a car or the ringing of a mobile phone, because in the Eco-ethno village Stara Kapela the mobile phones have no signal … It is a story about Stara Kapela, a small Slavonian village located in the embrace of Požeška gora and about forty kilometers from Slavonski Brod and Nova Gradiška.

The village has a long tradition and its historical roots go back to 1275, when there was a fortress here, the town of Potok, owned by the nobles of Gorjanski. In the vicinity of the fort, a village develops scattered on the surrounding hills. The Turks invaded these areas in the 15th and 16th centuries, and took most of the population into slavery. With the uprising of Fr. Luka Ibrišimović in the second half of the 17th century, the Turks were expelled, and the village became part of the Military Border.
The present appearance of the Old Chapel took over in 1760, when, by order of Empress Maria Theresa, the village descended into the valley.

Until a few years ago, the village had fallen asleep in time, and now it has become a unique tourist destination in the area of Slavonia. Rich ethnological material was collected, items that were in use in the daily lives of our grandparents to revive the spirit of times past.

20 km of hiking and biking trails were built on the surrounding hills with rest areas with tables and benches and replicas of old, hight above ground, scout stations (Čardak) that serve as lookouts and remind us of the glorious border past when the place was part of the military border with the Ottoman Empire. The trail has a rich educational content that includes about 120 marked plant species in Croatian and Latin. Interpretation boards with pictures and names of birds and game that live here and photographs of local edible and inedible mushrooms have been set up at some rest areas. Of course, for fishing enthusiasts there is a beautiful pond and hunting enthusiasts can visit the nearby hunting grounds.

A special attraction is the unique public lighting, a combination of old Slavonian beams on which electricity is hidden at the top, and on which there are lanterns on kerosene as a traditional light in our villages. During these years, with the great help of various donors and craftsmen, facades were made on 14 existing houses in the traditional style with decorations and stucco around the windows on the templates of old facades.
There are several tourist households in the village where you will enjoy the traditional Slavonian hospitality and your palate will be more than satisfied with the choice of food offered in the two traditional restaurants.


Konakt : Marija Staklarević
Tel: ++385 35 361299 ; ++385 91 8911756;
++385 91 5075265
Konakt : Josip Borozni
Tel: ++385 35 451 171; ++385 35 381 092;
++385 98 946 98 81

Konakt : Antun Tucić
Tel: ++385 35 384363; ++385 98 467878;
++385 98 337757

Trnačić Pavao i Terezija
Kontakt telefon: ++385 98 954 0794
Konakt : Antun i Kata Staklarević
Tel: ++385 35 381 089;

Tucina kuća

Return to the life of our grandparents, the life of old Slavonia. Spend your free moments in the peace of the Old Chapel at the “Tuca’s House” estate, which is open for visit for individuals, families and tourist groups.

The property “Tuca’s house” consists of an old country house, furnished in an autochthonous Slavonian style with furniture from the time of our grandparents, which was turned into a double apartment, and a barn – a yard farm building. The barn was once used to accommodate cattle and hay, and to store wagons, agricultural equipment and other tools. The barn’s hayloft is decorated as a four-bed apartment and is also equipped with original old-style furniture. In the area of ​​the former barn there is a tavern with an open fireplace, massive oak tables and benches, a bar of old oak beams and boards and a floor made from old bricks.

Along with the dimmed lighting and the crackling of fire in the fireplace, the ideal setting for relaxation and enjoyment in the rural environment was created. The tavern is connected to an upgraded 50-seat restaurant area, which is also fenced and decorated in an old-fashioned style – made from old bricks, old oak beams and tiles – and it is also furnished with massive oak tables and benches. This part of the homestead is given a special atmosphere by the large glass windows found on all three sides of the restaurant, giving and impression of open space.

In the barn, attached to the restaurant section, there is kitchen with modern equipment which allows you to independently prepare your own meals.

The homestead “Tuca’s House” has a large yard with other commercial buildings, a gazebo for a pleasant afternoon break or a conversation with coffee or tea, an external oven and a rotisserie, an orchard with tables and benches and a bricked barbecue which allows guests to prepare barbecue for themselves. Guests can use ecologically grown vegetables for the garden, at they can use double bicycles to see the beauty of this area in pair.

Tunjina kuća

Close your eyes and imagine… awakening in an old and wooden, but comfortable bed. Hot tea and tasty grandma’s cookies. A plaid tablecloth. The chirping of birds. The gurgle of the stream. The smell of freshly-cut grass. Stillness. And peace… All of this is offered at the farmhouse owned by the Staklarević family in the Eco-ethno village of Stara Kapela.

In order to restore the old ” grandpa’s fireplace” to life, they have renewed their old family house in an authentic style that can presently comfortably accommodate up to 8 guests. The house is equipped with two bathrooms. With the fire from the fireplace and a glass of wine you can rest and relax in this idyllic farm. The richness of the ethnological heritage, the interior furnishing of the ancient beds, the hand-made linen, the wardrobes, the jars and a lots of items that our ancestors used in their daily lives will enable every guest to feel the charm of old times.

In addition, there is a tasting room for 50 guests, as well as an 80-seat hall where you will enjoy Slavonian gourmet specialties with Slavonian tambourines and enjoy some fine refreshments. Here you can enjoy a birthday, a wedding anniversary, a wedding and other family celebrations, but you can also hold a relaxed business meeting or a seminar.

In the beautiful natural surroundings, there are kilometers of combined pedestrian-cycling paths (with free bicycles) at your disposal, all surrounded by hillsides with well-kept resting spots and gazebos with views of the village and the surrounding area. But if you thought that was all – you are mistaken. In the vincinity of the village, there is also a pond for all those who are tired of the everyday rush and desire to do some fishing in a green oasist „disturbed“ only by the chirping of birds.

Stričev grunt

Experience the way in which Slavonians used to live in the hilly parts of Slavonia at the slopes of the Požega mountain and spend your vacation in a house that was originally built at the beginning of the century (before about a 100 years ago). The house was built in an authentic Slavonian style and today it is thoroughly renovated, furnished with old-fashioned furniture and equipment for our contemporary needs. Today, this is a house that inherits the tradition of renowned domestic masons, carpenters and joiners which makes it entirely decorated and renovated, and ready to offer premium comfort to our guests. Here you will experience the unique atmosphere by the creek and a wonderful view at the hiking, cycling and bee-keeping trails, gazebos and Stations of the Cross. The spacious yard with a garden barbeque, an oven and a rotisserie by an orchard will fulfil your unique experience in this green oasis of peace and quiet in an authentic location hidden from the commotion and rush of the contemporary civilization. On the ground floor of the house, which can comfortably accommodate four people, there is a large peasant room, a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom (all furnished with antique furniture and contemporary kitchen appliances). In the attic of “Ethno for the young” there is a comfortable living room, a bedroom and a bathroom, also furnished with antique furniture and contemporary appliances. Another four people can be accommodated there, and an additional bunk can be added.

Pavina kuća

If you want to spend peaceful and idyllic moments in languid Slavonia and feel the charm of the past, Pavo’s house is the right place. The property consists of a traditionally furnished hunting lodge with a kitchen, a bathroom, bedrooms, a large yard and farm buildings. There are four beds available. The whole property is dedicated to the hunting tradition of our area, with a rich collection of hunting souvenirs, and if you are passionate about hunting, our hosts can arrange it so you can hunt in the rich hunting ground of the Slavonian region. With the breadth of the Slavonian soul and an excellent traditional cuisine, the pleasant hosts will enrich the unforgettable moments of your vacation.

Teta Katina kuća

I believe that you have read the book “In Search of Lost Time”, if so, you have come to the right place. Aunt Kata’s house will bring back the taste of cookies and white coffee, a bedroom that smells like ripe quinces.

In the morning you will be woken up by the singing of birds and roosters, and aunt Kata will prepare a feast for kings with her dexterous hands with recipes for living to one hundred.

At Aunt Kata’s house, you have four beds in two rooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, a large yard and outbuildings. Everything is decorated in traditional Slavonian style. We are looking forward to your arrival.


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