Go remote! Five reasons for digital nomads to visit & stay in Brod-Posavina County

Due to rapid technological development, and especially since the pandemic switched the way we organize and perceive our work environment, the notion of working remotely emerged into one of the most dynamic trends around.
However, for all those eager to taste this sort of lifestyle, or discover a new and interesting work & travel destination, the question remains – how should I know if it is the right place to choose? To make things easier for you, here are five reasons why Brod-Posavina County should find a place on your wanderlust „bucket list”!

1. The most conncted Croatian county

Thanks to its position along the E70 European route, in Brod-Posavina County even the most distant village is within 20 min ride from the highway that connects Zagreb, Belgrade, Ljubljana, Munich, etc. Zagreb, Belgrade, and Banja Luka international airports are within 1,5-hour reach. Driving to Tuzla airport will take you up to 2 hours, while the Osijek airport is only an hour away.

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2. Internet speed

Did you know that Croatia ranks top 10 countries in the world with the fastest mobile Internet speed? The broadband Internet speed is good as well, reaching up to 60 Mbps of download, and up to 30 Mbps of upload speed on average. The same goes for the Brod-Posavina area, which is in this regard one of Croatia’s hotspots.

3. Easy-going lifestyle

At the same time, our County offers an opportunity to experience a real chilled-out and authentic lifestyle, often filled with funny „Squatting Slavs” or „Slavorum” sort of moments. After all, we are part of the greater region called Slavonia! Combine that with the beautiful nature, excellent homemade food and drinks, and what you get is a destination where work becomes a joy.

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4. Low living costs

Put in other words, an easy-going Slavonian lifestyle also means – low-cost lifestyle. This doesn’t imply a lack of quality. Quite the opposite. Three-course meal in top-rated local restaurants for less than 20 euros? Sleep-overs for two in stunning rural houses for 30-40 euros? Morning coffee in a downtown bar for 1 euro? That’s right – welcome to Slavonia!

5. Developed support services

Croatia is one of the first countries that have regulated the status of digital nomads. In most cases, we are a visa-free destination and a destination with zero income tax for the first 12 months of your stay. As for Brod-Posavina county, here you can find several support institutions, such as Technology Incubator  https://www.ipng.hr/portfolio-item/tehnoloski-inkubator-nova-gradiska/, in the town of Nova Gradiška, and coworking space https://www.ra-sb.hr/coworking within Development Agency of Slavonski Brod (regional center). Additional Innovation Incubator is expected to open in Slavonski Brod during the first quarter of 2022.

Foto: novagra.hr
Foto: novagra.hr


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