Eco ethno Salaš Savus

In the eastern part of Slavonski Brod, just 5km from the Savus hotel, in Bukovlje, at the slopes of the beautiful Dilj mountain, Brod’s first grange, Eco-ethno Grange Savus, is situated. The grange spans through 10 acres of forests and meadows with a view of the panorama of the city of Slavonski Brod. Its many sports courts (a few football fields, a volleyball court, boules, a golf driving range, kilometres of promenades and jogging paths, a paintball arena and other sports activities) are just a part of what the grange offers for the organization of team buildings, socializing and manifestations.

The Slavonian house, which is decorated in a traditional style, serves homemade Slavonian specialties prepared in accordance with traditional recipes and cooked at the fire of a Slavonian oak right in front of the guest’s eyes. The food is served in an old-fashioned, enamelled tableware in order to evoke the quality and the pride of living in the Slavonian region. The grange’s vine cellar offers a wide range of Slavonian wines and rakijas. 


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