Matin i Anin stan

The Arić Family homestead, in Gornji Crnogorci (at Staro Petrovo Selo)), spans 25.000 m2. In addition to a traditionally decorated house, used for the accommodation of guests, the homestead also holds barns, cellars, tasting rooms, animal stalls, terraces, open hearths for food preparation, a pond full of carp, a herd of fallow deer, horses – the Slavonian Posavac breed, cattle – the Slavonian Podolac breed, pigs – the black Slavonian pig Fajferica, sheep, goats and poultry. A stroll through an alley of walnut trees, old sorts of apples, pears and quinces… a space for your children where you do not have to fear cars, a spaces for walks without the noise and rush of the modern world, a space just for you and your friends.

Besides at this homestead, you also enjoy authentic, homemade Slavonian delicacies at the Dukat restaurant in Nova Gradiška, which is owned by the same family.


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