Estate Kereković

The tourist family homestead Kereković was opened three years ago, as the first tourist family destination in the Brod Postavina County, in the Živike village, in the vivid Slavonian countryside. Its gastronomic offer consists of homemade recipes, prepared from the groceries made at the homestead, in Živike and Pričac. The guests can try these homemade meals and drinks in a smaller space, with about 40 sitting places, or in a space for bigger groups, a covered dinning area with about 150 to 200 sitting places. There, they will enjoy some homemade rakija, wines from the Oriovac region, and especially kulen and švargl – famous Slavonian specialties.

The homestead has 8 Lipizzans which is why it offers both rides in a wagons or barouche carts and horse-riding, for those who enjoy it. Besides that, there are endless teambuilding and recreational sports opportunities. Lovers of water will be amazed by the “Graničar” riverboat which will take them on a sail through the Sava river. 


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