Adrenalin forest Bebrina

The Adrenalinska šuma project is a new active tourist attraction in the area of ​​the municipality of Bebrina, which, due to its capacity, simultaneously contributes to regional tourism development. The project promotes a healthy and active lifestyle, spending time in nature, and through active content and games we educate about natural values, environmental preservation, as well as about forests and forest habitats. The project is aimed at several target groups, from children of the youngest age to older ones who want an active lifestyle and as support for the younger generations in growing up active and healthy. At the moment, the project includes the adrenaline forest, which consists of an adrenaline park on two levels, 3 and 6 meters high, with 22 elements for exercise, rock climbing and a 243m long zipline. The park also includes a themed educational path through the forest, a forest classroom and a themed children’s playground that includes various children’s playgrounds, a trampoline, a climbing net and devices for the youngest. The project also realized a wooden observation deck next to the pond near the town of Kaniža in the area of ​​Jelas polje on the World Migration Route of wetland birds, as well as several rest areas and educational walks. Another wooden observatory for birds and an educational resting place for visitors is under construction at the location next to the pond in Stupnički Kuti.


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