Numerous sports clubs and many famous athletes,
originating from our county, bear witness to the rich sports tradition
which is accompanied by a large number of sports facilities and fields!

Sports facilities and courts

Our county is a very strong sporting center with numerous sports clubs. That is why it has a large selection of sports fields. Let’s start with the football stadiums (famous international football players Ivica Olić, Mario Mandžukić and Goran Vlahović come from our county). The complex of sports halls, the bowling alley and swiming pools – the sports complex Vijuš stands out in Slavonski Brod, and in the immediate vicinity there is a kayak club and a skateboard. In vicinity of the Brod Fort there is a tennis club and courts for football, basketball and handball at the Klasija Sports Hall, where a skating rink is organized in the winter.

In the Nova Gradiška, in addition to football, of course, you can relax along the river Šumetlica in the fields for calisthenics, beach volleyball and an unavoidable skateboard fild.

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