Lake Petnja

The artificial lake Petnja, an ideal destination for nature walks, swimming and fishing, is located on the south side of Dilj-gora, 7 km northwest of Slavonski Brod.

The lake delights with its appearance, forest environment, walking trails, opportunities for fishing, rowing and other water sports, and clean air. At small road leads to the lake, there are several local winemakers who will be happy to sell you their premium wine.

The special charm of the lake is given by the merging of the blue of the water with the greenery of the forest, which brought it the epithet “mountain eye”.

A rich selection of fish has made Petnja one of the main destinations for continental sport fishing.

North of this protected locality, and not far from the source of the Petnja stream, there are several smaller caves, among which the most interesting erosive form is the Pljuskara canyon, which, in addition to the cave, includes three waterfalls on the stream. Above the canyon is a modern mountain lodge where hikers can sleep.

This is an ideal location for an escape from civilization.


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