Sport and recreation center Poloj

Imagine life in the summer months of a continental city in our country, which includes every afternoon going to the sandy beach, swimming in warm water, lying on the white sand, sipping a cold drink in a bar decorated as if on a tropical island …

Start a conversation with a man from Brod about Poloj and you will listen for hours about numerous adventures, barbecues, parties, motorbikers festivals …

Poloj Sports and Recreation Center is a favorite summer gathering place of Brod, only 3 km east of the city. Beautiful sandy beach at the bend of the Sava River, surrounded by forest and enriched with numerous facilities (catering, sports fields, public barbecues, children’s playgrounds …) is one of the most beautiful river beaches in Europe.

There is a 2.5 km long jogging and cycling trail to this beautiful beach with an organized water rescue service. A special attraction are the river rafts with houses that stretch along the entire bank from the city river promenade to Poloj, the so-called Splavarska street.

Life moves from Slavonski Brod to Poloj in the summer. Join us too.


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