Lake Ljeskove vode

At a distance of twenty kilometers from Slavonski Brod, Ljeskove vode are located in the municipality of Bukovlje, only 2 km north from the village Korduševci. Ljeskove vode are enclosed by three hills, and in the valley itself the waters are crystal clear and bright, because there are no pollutants in the vicinity. This artificial lake with a 10 m high dam is enclosed on all sides by thick forests of oak trees, beech trees and pine trees. In addition to swimming, the lake can be used through the whole year for fishing, while the grass covered playgrounds are an ideal site for sport activities. Near the lake is the highest peak of Dilj Mountain called Čardak, and the nearby forests are full of wild animals and birds. While wandering the forest pathways is a refreshing pastime during the hot summer, spring and autumn months, skiing and sledging offer a great delight in winter.


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