Geographical location, natural beauty and cultural and historical sights
and excellently arranged cycling paths make our county
a first-class cycling destination.

Cycle tourism

cuvari prirode cetvrtasti EN u boji na bijelom

The Brod-Posavina County is settled under the Psunj Mountain and the Dilj Mountain, in the valley near the Sava River. It is this position, along with a large number of roads with little traffic, which gives it an exceptional potential for cyclotourism. This is a region with a rich history, tradition, cultural heritage and numerous natural beauties, which make a bike ride through the county an attractive prospect.

The cycling routes are split into three areas: the western part (Nova Gradiška), the central part (the west of Slavonski Brod) and the eastern part (the east of Slavonski Brod). Currently around fifteen routes have been marked, some of which pass through the lowlands near the Sava River, the rural areas and swamps and the grasslands near Sava, while others are placed further to the north, in the mountain-forest area. This trip will lead you along the meanders of Sava, forest groves, river inlets, renovated villages and tourist family homesteads, as well as along tame hills, wine cellars, archaeological localities and dense forests.

uska traka sarena
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