Military police operation “Bljesak” and memorials in Okučani

Operation “Bljesak” (flash) – a military-police operation of the Croatian Army and the Special Police of the Republic of Croatia began on May 1, 1995, when Croatian military and security forces liberated the occupied areas of western Slavonia by lightning action. In just 31 hours, about 500 square kilometers of territory occupied by the Serbian aggressor were liberated and control of the Zagreb-Lipovac highway was established. You can find out more about the operation here:

There is a memorial in the center of the city, made of 51 steel, highly polished cubes, according to the number of Croatian veterans killed and died as a result of their injuries in the operation Bljesak. Each cube symbolizes individually one killed or dead Croatian defender, or, according to the vision of the author, their indomitable souls in which our whole world is reflected.

In front of the primary school is a memorial park with a large cross.

In the memorial room you can see photos related to the Bljesak, photographs of those killed in the action, numerous books related to the Homeland War and original documents such as the decision to start the action signed by General Janko Bobetko.


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