The significant landscape of Gajna

Gajna is a typical Slavonian aluvial pasture rich in wetland flora and fauna, which has the status of a protected landscape. It is located on an extended plateau between the Sava River and the Sava Embankment, which separates from the river bank, east of Slavonski Brod, near the village of Oprisavci.

There are several depressions on Gajna in which water is retained due to the spring-autumn floods, which restores the aquatic flora and fauna of the pond. The canal that intersects Gajna in the western part brings water from Dilj gora to the Sava or to the ponds of Gajna.

This area, which is an important nesting place for birds and fish hatcheries during the flood period, is maintained by grazing. That is why on this plain you will enjoy the sight of a herd of Slavonian Podolian cattle, sheep, Posavina horses and a herd of black Slavonian pigs kept by Croatian shepherd dogs.

A beautiful view extends from the authentic wooden observatory, Čardak. On an area of 500 Ha, there is also an educational trail and a marked bicycle trail Slavonski Brod-Gajna. Only 10-15 minutes walk separates you from Gajna and the center of Oprisavci where you can enjoy the hospitality of one of the most beautifully decorated rustic restaurants in this part of Slavonia, the famous “House of Grandpa Tunja”
This location is an unavoidable part of a tour of Slavonia for every true nature lover.


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