What to visit during a two-day visit to Brod-Posavina County?

If you are spending a weekend in our county, this article will help you plan your visit and allow you to see the most important attractions in the county in 2 days as well asd inform you where you can have a good meal or relax in the wellness area.

Day 1 Slavonski Brod and eastern part of county

Each tour of Slavonski Brod begins in the heart of the city, at the Ivana Brlić Mažuranić Square or the popular Korzo (“Promenade”). This large city square leans with its south side on the Sava River and offers views of the nearby town, Bosanski Brod. The square was named after the writer Ivana Brlić Mažuranić, whose sculpture and family home are located on the square. The square is surrounded by numerous secessionist and classicist palaces and plenty of catering establishments on whose terraces you can comfortably relax and entertain yourself.
Head east and after a few minutes stroll you will reach the most monumental building in the city, a zero category monument, the famous Brod Fortress or Festung. This impressive fortification, built in the 18th century, served to deter the Ottomans from penetrating the Habsburg Monarchy. Satisfy your adventurous spirit by exploring the many corridors that extend through the fort, by visiting the fortress museum, as well as the museum of tambourines and the modern art museum.

Muzej Tvrđave
Museum of fortress

Then descend to the nearby Sava River and take a stroll along the longest and most beautiful river promenade in the country, or the Kej (“Quay”), as the townspeople call it. This promenade extends 600 meters from the mouth of the Mrsunje River to the Franciscan Monastery, the latter being our next destination. Along the way, take a look at the statue of Potjeh, a character from Ivana’s fairy tales and a large 3D image of the well-known artist from Slavonski Brod, Filip Mrvelj. Make sure you return to this promenade during the evening and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets.

The aforementioned monastery, located in a park decorated by sculptural busts of famous Brod citizens, is a beautiful Baroque building that was built by the residents of the town solely with their own donations. Having simple decorations on the outside, it will surprise you with a lavishly decorated interior and with one of the most beautiful monastery cloisters in the country.

If you still have some strength left to hike, continue down the Sava embankment onto a lovely promenade, the favourite route of all Brod recreationists. Its name is Splavarska ulica (“Rafts street”), because of the numerous charmingly decorated rafts where the townspeople evade the sultriness of summer days.

Splavarska ulica
Raft`s street

By now you may have already felt hungry. We head out of town, taking a 15-minute drive to Garčin, towards the Ramarin Ranch. This is a recreational complex with a paddock, where you can hire a horse to ride on the numerous equestrian routes around the area or try it out (if you know what you are doing!) on an obstacle course. Children will enjoy the beautiful playground, and the crowning experience will be, naturally, the restaurant with top offer of Slavonian delicacies.

ranč Ramarin
ranch Ramarin

Tired of horseback riding, head north of the city, to the slopes of Dilj mountain, to the eco-hotel Garten, whose original wellness centre awaits you with an unavoidable sauna and steam bath as well as: a beer bath, chocolate bath, rose petal bath…

wellness eko hotela Garten
wellness eko hotel Garten

It is evening and it’s time to go out and party. But first, dinner, since food is of utmost importance in Slavonia. In the heart of the city you will find a rural pearl, the traditional-style restaurant Uno with excellent cuisine and wine. And after that, head downtown which has always been known for its cafes and nightclubs.

restoran Uno
restaurant Uno

Day 2 Nova Gradiška and western part of county

On the second day, take the highway to Nova Gradiška, pass through the city to the north and you will quickly reach the picturesque village of Cernik. There are even two important cultural and historical sites you need to visit in Cernik. The first is a Franciscan monastery where you must see the beautiful Baroque altars and visit the archaeological-paleontological exhibition. Then take a stroll to the centre of Cernik and a tour of the park that surrounds Kulmer’s Castle, a square fortress with circular towers at the corners, built in the 18th century on the foundations of an old medieval fortress. Since you are already in Cernik, you should try the excellent wines of the small winemakers of the area.

Kulmerov dvorac
Kulmer`s castle

Then take the connecting road, below the mild Slavonian range in the north, Nova Gradiška with Slavonski Brod and halfway, in Batrina, turn north. You will soon reach the eco-ethno village of Stara Kapela. This pearl of rural tourism will leave you breathless. Several traditionally landscaped farms, equipped for lodging and food, numerous promenades, bicycle and horseback trails, a pond, gazebos, a weaving museum … it will be very difficult to leave this oasis of peace and tranquillity.

eko etno selo Stara Kapela
eco ehtno village Stara Kapela

It’s lunch time. Continue towards Slavonski Brod and in Lužani turn south towards the village of Živike. Your goal is Kereković’s economy. Enjoy the well-known hospitality of the Kereković family in the beautifully decorated restaurant. If, after a hearty meal, there is any adventurous strength left in you, you have a horse farm on the manor, a nice pond, and it is possible to arrange a tourist boat ride on the Sava River.

On your return to Slavonski Brod, relax with a massage, beauty treatments and a wellness pool at Hotel Art. After that, again to Korzo and then to a night out!


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