The large number of running and stagnant waters,
wetlands, lowland and mountain forests have created
excellent conditions for hunting and fishing.

cuvari prirode cetvrtasti EN u boji na bijelom


In our county, hunting has a long tradition. There are a number of common and state-run open hunting grounds with a rich fund of wildlife. Small furred and feathered game is present in almost every hunting ground (common pheasant, wild duck-mall, coot, quail, common hare, fox and jackal). There are several major hunting grounds where you can hunt big game. The central part of the county, close to the Sava River, boasts a state-run open hunting ground “Radinje” with its beautiful hunting house, where one can hunt common deer, common roe and wild boar. Another state-run open hunting ground, “Sjeverni Dilj” on the slopes of the mountain of the same name, one will find the fallow deer in addition to the above game . Among other big game, a special surprise, mouflon, awaits for you in the state-run open hunting ground “Psunj” on the slopes of Psunj. To the far west of the county, a state-run open hunting ground, “Međustrugovi,” the largest by its area, operates between the sleeves of the Strug canal, which is the habitat of both large game and small furry game. With some concessionaires of the hunting grounds, one can organise hunting with vultures, which is a part of the tradition of hunting in our county. All these hunting grounds also feature accommodation facilities.

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Radinje lovaki dom
uska traka sarena
srnda obini


common deer, common roe and wild boar



common deer, common roe and wild boar



common deer, common roe and wild boar, fallow deer and mouflon

jelen lopatar


common deer, common roe and wild boar and fallow deer

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In a county that boasts a large number of natural streams – the Sava River, the small Orljava, Glogovica and Mrsunja Rivers and numerous lakes, canals, ponds and brick pits, it is difficult to single out specific sites for sport fishing. Still, along the Sava River, we have to mention the large Jelas Fishing Ponds and the artificial lakes Petnja, Ljeskove Vode and Štuka along with numerous small fishing ponds.

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