Tourist attractions that you should not miss in Brod-Posavina County

We have prepared for you a selection of locations and activities you have to visit or try while in this county. The choices are diverse and we believe that everyone will find something for themselves, regardless of whether you are a cultural, sports-adventure or more of a hedonistic type.

Natural marvels

There are two places in the east of the county where the Sava embankment recedes from the river, thus creating an area of lowland pasture. The result is two protected areas that serve as hatcheries and habitats for numerous birds. First is the Gajna pasture, where you can also see the indigenous breeds of Podolian cattle, Posavina horses and Slavonian pigs, and since more recently – where you can enjoy off-road quad rides. You can find a refreshment in the nearby rustic restaurant Kuća Dida Tunje (Dida Tunje’s House) and walk through the courtyard where numerous traditional crafts are on display. The second is the Bare Dvorine area, with a long promenade around a bird-and-fish-rich pond and tall wooden observation posts.

North of Slavonski Brod is the reservoir Lake Petnja, a favourite gathering place for local fishermen, nestled between hills covered with forest, through which a beautiful promenade runs around the lake.

In the western part of the county, you should not miss the rainforest Prašnik, where you will surely want to take photos in front of over 300 years old giant trees. In its vicinity is the pasture Iva, where the view of large herds of horses that roam freely in this vast grassland (extraordinarily rich in many bird species) will make your heart dance.

Bara Dvorina
Bara Dvorina

Sport and recreation

If you are staying in Slavonski Brod in the summer, then the locals will probably persuade you to join them on one of the many rafts on the river Sava, in the famous Splavarska street (Rafts’ Street). Or, you can enjoy yourself on the sand of the most beautiful river beach in Europe, Poloj.

If you are more into active vacations, you may be interested in horseback riding on beautifully arranged routes, on horses from the Ramarin Ranch in Garčin or in a paintball match at the Bunker paintball club in Gornja Vrba. In Bukovlje, on the slopes of the Dilj range, you can enjoy the swimming pool and numerous outdoor activities and sports fields on the Savus grange. You can refresh with homemade delicacies of Slavonian traditional dining which are served on the farm.

Kupalište Poloj

Eco ethno

For lovers of tradition and customs, we suggest visiting the unique tambourine museum in the Brod fortress, the ethnographic exhibition of the Weaving Workshop in Stara Kapela or the exhibition of the famous Sikirevci lace in the town of the same name. You can see how people used to live in the countryside on the Živić family property in Mlaka near Sikirevci or in the pearl of rural tourism, the eco-ethno village of Stara Kapela, where you can spend a weekend at several local tourist properties, in perfect peace and relaxation. You should not miss the Pavletić family estate in Malin near Lužani, which houses a unique grapevine sculpture park.

Eko etno selo Stara Kapela
Eco ethno vilage Stara Kapela

Culture and history

There are four buildings of great cultural and historical value in our county. The largest is the famous Brod’s Fortress, Festung, a zero-category monument within which the aforementioned tambourine museum is located, but also the Museum of Modern Art, the Fortress Museum and the Ružić Gallery.
Slavonski Brod also houses a valuable sacral building, a Franciscan monastery of beautiful Baroque architecture. Very similar is the Franciscan monastery in Cernik, near Nova Gradiška, which houses a rich Bible exhibition as well as an archaeological-paleontological collection. And since you are already in Cernik, you will probably want to take a walk around the most beautiful castle in our county, Kulmer Castle.

Apart from the City Museum in Nova Gradiška and the Brod Posavlje Museum in Slavonski Brod, worth mentioning is also the Meštrović Gallery located in the birthplace of this great sculptor, Vrpolje.

Samostan u Cerniku
Monestery in Cerniku


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