Mia Čorak Slavenski

Mia Čorak Slavenska was born on February 20, 1916 in Slavonski Brod and is the greatest Croatian ballerina of all time and one of the most influential artists of her time. She has performed on stages around the world, including South America, Africa and Asia, becoming the premiere ballerina of the Metropolitan Opera in New York in 1954-55. years. She started dancing in her early childhood and is the first Croatian dancer to be named primabalerin when she signed with the Croatian National Theater for the 1934/35 season. then, winning the first prize. At the end of the thirties she left Croatia and achieved great worldwide popularity and an enviable career. During her career, she won numerous prestigious world awards for her dance. In 1960, she opened a ballet studio in New York, becoming more and more engaged in teaching, and in 1963 she finally left the theater. By the early 1980s, she was teaching at the University of California, after which she retired. Mia Čorak Slavenska is also one of the most significant artistic figures of the 20th century.


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