Branko Ružić

Branko Ruzic was born in Slavonski Brod on March 4, 1919. He was a Croatian sculptor and painter. Creating sculptural works, both archetypal and contemporary, occupies a prominent position in Croatian contemporary sculpture. He graduated from high school in Vinkovci and graduated in 1944 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. In 1948, he completed painting at the same academy. He has traveled and worked in Italy, France and the United Kingdom. He worked as a teacher and wrote about art. He has had sixty-seven solo exhibitions at home and abroad. His works have been exhibited in more than two hundred group exhibitions. From 1961 to 1985, he was a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. The fortress Brod houses a gallery with his works as well as the works of other contemporary visual artists, one of the most significant of its kind in Croatia.


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