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kusaonica Quality soil, a favorable climate and tradition that lasts for the second millennium, have created conditions for the cultivation of quality grape varieties and their processing in top quality wines. The experience and knowledge of the winemaker is being upgraded to the hard work of the winegrowers and results in wines that proudly compete with any known wine region. Grain, Riesling, Chardonnay, Franconia ... are just some of the typical wines. Small family farms prevail, investing great effort, love, attention and knowledge from generation to generation, trying to cultivate the tradition of wine production in our county. Take the west of the county, from Cernika and Nova Gradiska to the road leading to the low Slavonian mountains and occasionally, following the signposts, turn to the hills, among the vineyards.

Do not even skip the vineyards on the road above Brodstick. There you will find small wine cellars where friendly hosts will proudly present their wines. If you like something, you will be able to buy and bring home a nice memory of this vineyard.