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The Brod-Posavina County is settled under the Psunj Mountain and the Dilj Mountain, in the valley near the Sava River. It is this position, along with a large number of roads with little traffic, which gives it an exceptional potential for cyclotourism. This is a region with a rich history, tradition, cultural heritage and numerous natural beauties, which make a bike ride through the county an attractive prospect.

The cycling routes are split into three areas: the western part (Nova Gradiška), the central part (the west of Slavonski Brod) and the eastern part (the east of Slavonski Brod). Currently around fifteen routes have been marked, some of which pass through the lowlands near the Sava River, the rural areas and swamps and the grasslands near Sava, while others are placed further to the north, in the mountain-forest area. This trip will lead you along the meanders of Sava, forest groves, river inlets, renovated villages and tourist family homesteads, as well as along tame hills, wine cellars, archaeological localities and dense forests.





The abundance of forests in the county ensures the existence of a rich plant and animal life. 26 sorts of mammals have been noted, mostly rabbits, foxes, boars, deer and wildcats (currently present only at Dilj). Several of the species are protected: otters, squirrels and a few types of bats. The valleys are home to 104 sorts of birds, out of which 20 are nesting birds, including some very rare species like the hen harrier. Jelas polje has the largest colony of squacco herons and common spoonbills. The following migratory birds are also present: the sparrow hawk, the red kite, the white-tailed eagle and white storks.

The main hunting grounds are: Radinje (also inhabited by rare bird species like the white-tailed eagle and the black stork), Migalovci, the slopes of Psunj (the hills around Gradiška) and Puavice.



Our County has many lentic waters and running waters upon which fishing is allowed. Let us mention some of them: the reservoir Lake Ljeskove vode, Petnja, Orašje, Štuka, Nova Kapela, numerous ponds, brick pits, channels, streams and, of course, rivers. Across the County, many fishing ponds for sports fishing are popping up, and many of them are privately owned (Velika Kopanica, Donji Andrijevci, Staro Petrovo Selo, Lazae…). In the Sava River stream there are around 50 different types of fish, and the most famous ones in this region are the carp, the grass carp, the salmon and the zander.



There are several places in our County where tourists can enjoy horse-riding. 

The “Olanović” paddock in Poljanice has 20 of the Lipizzan breed of horses and they come in all sizes. Along with inspecting the paddock, guests can also ride horses and ride in peasant wagons and stagecoaches. Ranch “Marin” in Garčin offers recreational horse-riding, as well as training and an enclosed horse-riding school. A hostel, restaurant and café are also a part of the Ranch.



Due to its placement near the Sava River (and not to forget Lake Petnja), the County has a grand tradition of water sports, kayaking and canoeing. A large object for the placement of such clubs is under construction in Slavonski Brod, at the shore of the Sava River.




The sport and recreation centre “Poloj” is the favourite swimming site for the citizens of Brod and it is placed just 3 km away for the city centre, to the east of the city. This wonderful sand beach at a curve of the Sava River, surrounded by a forest and enriched with numerous contents (eating establishments, sports courts, public barbeque sites, children’s playgrounds, etc.), represents one of the most beautiful river beaches in Europe. This swimming site, with an organized rescue service, can be reached by a 2,5 km long jogging and cycling track. Its special attraction are the river rafts with small houses which span the whole area between the city’s river promenade and “Poloj”.



The Vijuš pools are settled in the sporting zone of Slavonski Brod, between the sports courts complex and the football stadium. Three open pools with a view at the Sava River – a sports pool for intense swimming, a children’s pool and an outdoor Olympic pool with a nice sunbathing area. The complex also includes a fitness centre and eating establishments.



Besides swimming, there’s also a restaurant, a café and a lodging house at the Selna pools.


Due to Dilj Mountain, the Požega mountain range and Psunj in the north, the Brod-Posavina county is rich with hiking trails that are taken care of by two hiker’s societies: the Croatian Hiker’s Society Dilj Mountain from Slavonski Brod and the Croatian Hiker’s Society Strmac from Nova Gradiška. Dilj Mountain is ideal for beautiful walks because it wide network of trails allows for numerous excursions and the size of the mountain allows for really long routes. “The Đuro Pilar” hiker’s home at the edge of the city is the starting point for most excursions to Dilj Mountain that are coming from Slavonski Brod. Psunj is the highest mountain in the Požega mountain range and Slavonia. The Strmec outing spot is an important starting point.


Rich with a sports tradition and successes, our County offers a large choice of sports objects, for all sorts of sports. Whether you enjoy football or indoor games, bowling, shooting, tennis, ice-skating, skateboarding or running… you will always find an appropriate court or object. A great choice of sports capacities combined with capacities for accommodation offer excellent conditions for the organization of sporting competitions.