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Due to rapid technological development, and especially since the pandemic switched the way we organize and perceive our work environment, the notion of working remotely emerged into one of the most dynamic trends around.
However, for all those eager to taste this sort of lifestyle, or discover a new and interesting work & travel destination, the question remains - how should I know if it is the right place to choose? To make things easier for you, here are five reasons why Brod-Posavina County should find a place on your wanderlust „bucket list"!

Slavonska Posavina (or Posavlje) hides many picturesque rural settlements and landscapes in which nature and culture merge into one. At the same time, of course, the trace of man prevails in some places, and nature in some places.

"We have been border guards for a long time, we guarded the border on the Sava", are the verses that you probably had the opportunity to hear. It is a kind of anthem of Slavonian Posavina, a region that, like few others in Europe, shaped its cultural identity and physical appearance by the fact that for almost 200 years (ca. 1700-1880) it played the role of a bulwark between the two empires, Austria and Turkey. . As a reminder of that time, other folk customs, the characteristic appearance of the village ("ušorenih- builded in a line"" along the roads and paths) and several first-class historical monuments and photo attractions.

They are a real hit this spring. Far from the city crowds, in the picturesque villages of Brod-Posavina County, there are beautiful estates that offer a holiday to remember.

Get to know the people and the soul of Brod Posavina through the many events that take place throughout the year in our county.

You are settled in one of our beautiful hotels or apartments and you are ready to go sightseeing, but it is raining outside. If you are not very interested in romantic walks under an umbrella (and for this type of excursion, a boat walk along the Sava River is an excellent choice) don't worry... we have prepared some suggestions for you.

There are several interesting peculiarities related to the people, folklore, traditions and customs that can only be found in the County of Brod-Posavina.

If you are coming to Slavonian Posavina, you must prepare for the hedonistic pleasures delivered by the rich dining tradition of this region. Kulen, sausage, bacon and ham are well known products that you surely must expect. Dishes prepared over open fire, such as fish specialists, will delight your palate, and the large selection of cakes will throw in a trance anyone with a sweet tooth. We present to you a selection of ten gastro destinations in our county, all members of the Tastes of the Border Posavje region project, which brings together restaurants that nurture traditional cuisine.

We have prepared for you a selection of locations and activities you have to visit or try while in this county. The choices are diverse and we believe that everyone will find something for themselves, regardless of whether you are a cultural, sports-adventure or more of a hedonistic type.

To make it easier for you to get acquainted with the Border Posavina region, a region endowed with numerous natural attractions, rich culture, history and tradition, and a large hospitable heart, we propose a plan for a seven-day stay in the Brod and Posavina County.

If you are spending a weekend in our county, this article will help you plan your visit and allow you to see the most important attractions in the county in 2 days as well asd inform you where you can have a good meal or relax in the wellness area.