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Carnival Riding – This festival of the typical customs of Posavina’s villages, which is held in the memory of the old frontier soldiers, takes place in almost all the villages of this area (Sikirevci, Ruščica, Dragalić, Oriovac...).


In the Fairy-tale Word of Ivana Brlić Mažuranić – A children's manifestation which continues the tradition of these events (since 1970) in the memory of the great Croatian and world's children's fairy-tale writer. It offers an abundance of content aimed at children, such as acting, artistic and computer workshops, stage shows, playing activities, storytelling, meetings with writers, galleries, musical theatre programmes, etc.


Mega Biker's Meetings – They are traditionally held in the sports and recreation centre “Poloj” as a part of the Day of the City of Slavonski Brod and they have an international character. Among the abundance of interesting content, which attracts several thousand visitors every year, the following should be highlighted – motorbike games, acceleration races, a motorbike parade with exhibitions, rock concerts, etc..
Auto Rally – Traditionally held as a part of the Day of the City of Slavonski Brod and has an international character. Visit the pertinent automobile showcase by Brod's automobile companies.
Playful Manes – A horse-riding manifestation in Trnjanski Kuti which consists of an all day long inspection and showcase of horses and a parade of wedding carriages.


Brod's Musical Summer – A cultural manifestation which consists of programmes in the theatre and concert hall (opera, operetta, ballet), chamber concerts in the Franciscan church and open air popular and ethno music concerts.


Brod's Circle Dance – The eldest folklore parade in Croatia. It encompasses various programmes like art and ethnographic exhibitions, book promotions, children's parades, ceremonial wagons parades, original singing parades, original folklore parades, a Croatian folk costumes fashion show and a beauty contest for the most beautiful Croatian woman in a folk costume.


International Old-timer's Meeting – The Nova Gradiška Old timer club classic 99 organizes an old-timer parade which gathers numerous fans of these old-fashioned 4-wheeled pets.
The Fishiad – A gastronomic contest in the cooking of the so called „fish“, a famous spicy fish soup. It is held in Slavonski Brod, by the Sava river. It is an unforgettable experience to see all the visitors enjoying themselves in the smells of the spicy red paprika, the best of fish and good wine while countless fires under fish-filled cauldrons shine a light on the darkness clad river.


Fisherman's Evenings in August – They are held in Davor, a place where the Bosnian Vrbas river hands its wealth of fish and water to the Sava river. The fisherman's evenings are filled with joy, a good atmosphere and socializing, all honouring the memories of this part of Posavina.
Nova Gradiška's Musical Summer – The manifestation is held on the main city square and is divided into four theme evenings: rock music, tambura music, popular music and folk music.
CMC festival – Along with many pertinent programmes, the festival is held in August, in the baroque Brod Fortress – entry is free. During the festival, visitors can enjoy a top quality live performance with top-quality production, from audio equipment to scenography and lighting. Also, a part of the festival is the legendary musical manifestation the Rock Marathon which hosts performances by both the veteran and the new faces of the Croatian rock scene.


Ižimača ("The Wringing") – A traditional manifestation of wringing juice from mature domestic apples. The manifestation is held in Beravci, a picturesque village in the east of the Brod-Posavina County.
The Stupnik Vintage – This is a manifestation with both a cultural and a commercial meaning. It is held in Brodski Stupnik, west of Slavonski Bord. It marks the beginning of the vintage at Stupnik's slopes of the Dilj Mountain which is one of the best vineyard localities in continental Croatia. Simultaneously, the manifestation promotes tradition through folk art, gastronomy and crafts.


The Meeting of Tamburas – A delight for all lovers of tamburas, it is held in Slavonski Kobaš and Trnjanski Kuti.
Slavonia Open – A traditional international acrobatic „rock and roll“ contest which acts as the finale of the Croatian cup, where the best acrobatic „rock and roll“ dancers, as well as show dancers and certain special guests can be seen.


St. Catherine's Fair – An old crafts fair in Slavonski Brod.


Advent in Slavonski Brod – Along with a standard gastronomic offer at city’s main square, you can also enjoy various entertainment programs, inspect the stands of local gastro delicacies producers and you can warm yourself up with some mulled wine.
Advent in Nova Gradiška – Socializing while drinking mulled wine and enjoying Slavonian specialties, exploring stands with handmade souvenirs from local family run farms and enjoying various entertainment programs – all of that is the standard offer of this fair, held at the city’s main square.








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