As every year in May, in this part of the year too, we can expect three days of octane mania in our town. Almost traditional, 15th International bikersʾ encounters, organised by Moto club Brod, Tourist office of Brod Posavina county and Slavonski Brod town, take place from 11th-13th of May this year.

Entertaining part of these encounters and meeting take place in a beautiful surounding of Slavonski Brodʾs weekend resort Poloj, where the free of charge kamp is situated too. Music bands that are expected to come are, on:


Rokeri Grupa, The Unimos, Atomsko Sklonište, Opća Opasnost, Animal Drive/Dino Jelušić, The Trio AC/DC


The Trio, Divlji Dječak, Teška Industrija, Aerodrom, Brkovi, Plus Rock

On Saturday at 12:00 am at west linking road you can expect the excitement of the acceleration race in a standard manner!