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The Brod-Posavina part of Croatia, along with its peaceful villages (one side of which is settled on the Sava River and the other on the plains and the mildly elevated row of vineyard dotted hills which lightly lean on the edges of the forests, where the southern part of the fertile Slavonian plain is drowned in Sava’s River-bed), was always the frontier part of Croatia. Getting to know its peoples, heritage, culture and tradition, is to get to know the warm heart of the Slavonian hospitality...

The story of the food of Slavonia is quite peculiar. It starts with kulen, or kulin, which is prepared from the finest pork and dried and matured for more than half a year after which it reaches the host’s table, alone or accompanied by čvarci or slanina. Another peculiarity is the custom of preparing food (fish, mostly carp) by cooking on an open fire or in one pot, which is the way in which the masters of the local cuisine, to this day, prepare the cult fish paprikaš or čobanac... 

This is just a part of a rich cuisine based on traditional meals that garner attention with their special tastes and smells, and amaze with the artistry and yet simplicity of their preparation. Combined with the elegance and fluttering fine aromas of the top-quality wines from the local vineyards, the cuisine turns every meal into a true pleasure. You too can find it in the specially selected objects that bear the Tastes of the Croatian Tradition standard – The Tastes of Posavina’s Frontier